This Wireless Light LEVITATES And Lasts Up To 22 Years. You Will Be ‘Awe-Struck’ When You Know How!

This is an era of inventions where many competant humans try to outdo themselves at every given opportunity. Simon Morris is an art scientist has invented a wireless, hovering light bulb which has an astounding lifetime of 22 years. The floating effect is caused by magnets and it hovers over anything that is made up of wood. The concept of a hover board was something that fascinated Simon as a child and is also the driving force behind this invention. The best part of his invention is that apart from being used as a light bulb, it also works as a smartphone charger. The 37-year-old is sponsored by a site which funds budding ideas and this innovative multipurpose ‘Flyte’ will be up for sale for £260 ($395). This genius who is basically from New York but currently stays in Sweden, says that he wanted to revolutionize lightning. He says, ‘I wanted to challenge this by offering a different perspective on an iconic symbol — the light bulb. It is a mix between craft, art, and technology and also doubles as a wireless phone charger.’ The low energy LED lights which are the reason behind the long life of ‘Flytes’, when compared to the other filaments used in bulbs nowadays. ‘Wireless power transfer was invented by Nikola Tesla in the early 20th century. If left un-touched, Flyte consumes very little power and will remain levitating and rotating endlessly. The light bulb has a lifetime of 22 years based on six hours use a day or 11 years at 12 hours per day.’ is something Morris has to say. Do check this video out for a detailed explanation of this invention.