Why Isaac Newton Never Married?

Isaac Newton Facts

Other Name:- Sir Isaac Newton

Born On:- 1643-01-04

Died On:- 1727-03-31

His Age:- 84

Famous As:- One of the Most Influential Scientists of All Time

Zodiac:- capricorn

Place of Birth:- Lincolnshire, England

Died At:- Kensington, London, England

Born Country:- England

Mother:- Hannah Ayscough

Father:- Isaac Newton Sr.

The Christmas of 1642 (Old Style) saw the birth of one of the greatest scientist of the world — Sir Isaac Newton. He was a prematurely born and did not have the fortune to be with his father since three months before his birth, the latter died. When he was born, he was so small that he would fit into a quart mug. When Newton was 3 years old, his mother married Rev. Smith and went with him to start a new family, putting the infant under the care of his maternal grandmother.

His mother and Rev. Smith had three children and Newton liked neither his stepfather nor his half siblings. He also held a grudge against his mother for remarrying and leaving him behind.


In 1653, Rev. Smith died and after that Newton began to live with his mother again. His father used to be a farmer and Hannah, his mother, wanted that Newton too takes up the same occupation. She, therefore, made the young boy discontinue his studies at a significant point in his academic life. Isaac was disheartened for having to spend one year without studies and never enjoyed working in the fields. On being persuaded by the master of his school, Henry Stokes, his mother sent him back to school and Newton studied hard and completed his education with flying colours. However, when he was a teenager, he displayed anger towards his mother for all her actions.

He did not marry throughout his life and after his death, it was said that he died a virgin. During the time of his funeral, French philosopher and author, Voltaire was present at the scene and he later wrote, “I have had that confirmed by the doctor and the surgeon who were with him when he died” (apparently, Newton himself said at his deathbed that he was a virgin). Later, in 1733, Voltaire announced that Newton “had neither passion nor weakness; he never went near any woman”.



Probably, the experiences which Newton had as a child haunted him and uprooted his faith in the institution of marriage and this might be a reason why he never entered into a nuptial bond. Other reasons may be that he was too much involved with his work and did not feel the need for a soul mate. He was extremely focused and dedicated towards his inventions as well as research and the result was that the world was gifted with a remarkable scientist.