In 1942, He Secretly Recorded Hitler Speaking. What He Captured? Historians Are At A Loss For Words!

1941 was an overwhelming year for the Nazi ruled Germany, since they managed to take over the Soviet Union with the assistance of their efficient military forces. Later the Soviets prepared themselves enough to defend the attack on Moscow by the Nazis, which did not go down well with Adolf Hitler. He realized that the Soviets had taken their earlier defeat quiet seriously and have toughened up enough to give the Nazis a neck to neck fight. The dictator then decided to strengthen his ties with Finland and hence decided to visit Mannerheim during the occasion of his birthday celebrations. A person present during that legendary meeting recorded Hitler’s conversation, which happens to be the only prevailing proof of the dictator’s “normal” voice. Since Adolf was against people recording his voice, this Finnish recorder had to carry out this task with utmost secrecy. This recorder who was brave enough to do something against Hitler’s wish was Thor Damen. Originally, Thor’s intentions were only to record the conversation between Hitler and Mannerheim, while the latter was being greeted for his birthday. But what the Nazi leader went on to say after the greeting was nothing close to what Damen expected, hence he did not stop recording. As luck would have it, the Nazis realized that he was recording their leader for the past 11 minutes. The tape which had the evil dictator open up about why he failed in his recent accomplishments had to be returned to the censor office. This clip was made available to the general public only a few years ago. This is what Adolf Hitler really sounded like, do share your comments with us regarding what you think about this clip.