Anthony Reeves Success Story – How luvanthony Became A Social Media Star

Anthony Reeves Facts

Born On:- 2001-11-07

His Age:- 22

Famous As:- US TikTok and Instagram Star

Zodiac:- scorpio

Place of Birth:- Ashland

Born Country:- United States

Mother:- Lisa

Girlfriend:- Avani Gregg

Anthony Reeves is a ‘TikTok’ star, best known by his online pseudonym, “luvanthony.” He has earned a huge fan following on ‘TikTok’ through his lip syncs and duet clips. He is equally popular on other social-media platforms, such as ‘Instagram’ and ‘Snapchat.’ He first came into the limelight with a dance video on ‘TikTok’ in 2019, although he had already started posting his photos on ‘Instagram’ by 2016. Anthony Reeves’ massive fan base proves that he is a promising young entertainer who will achieve a lot in the years to come.

Ever Rising Social Media Career Graph

He started posting pictures on his ‘Instagram’ account, ‘ImAnthonyReeves,’ in November 2016. Over the years, his ‘Instagram’ profile has earned over a million followers.

However, he is most popular on ‘TikTok’ (, where he posts clips under the pseudonym “luvanthony.” In July 2019, he uploaded a dance video on ‘TikTok,’ featuring him and fellow ‘TikTok’ star Jaden Hossler, set to a track by American rapper Megan Thee Stallion. It soon became a viral sensation. Over the years, his ‘TikTok’ channel has earned over 3.7 million followers.

Anthony Reeves is mostly known for his lip-sync videos on ‘TikTok,’ set to songs by renowned artists. He is also known for his comedy clips, which he creates by using the voiceovers offered by the platform. He also participates in ‘TikTok’ duets, which show him lip-syncing to popular songs or dialogues from movies and TV series, with other ‘TikTok’ users.

He has collaborated with fellow ‘TikTok’ stars such as Jaden Hossler, Chase Keith, Jackson Felt, Lil Huddy, Payton Moormeier, Cynthia Parker, Luigi Castillo, ItssElmo, Sadie Bones, and Yousif Sabbah.

Apart from posting content on ‘TikTok’ and ‘Instagram,’ Anthony Reeves also posts entertaining stories on his ‘Snapchat’ profile, ‘AnthonyDReeves3.’

He also has a self-titled channel on ‘YouTube.’ Although he has posted just one video on it, which he uploaded on August 4, 2019, he already has 181 thousand subscribers on the platform. He is also present on ‘Twitter,’ where he began posting in October 2016.

Family & Personal Life

Anthony Reeves, or “luvanthony,” was born on November 7, 2001, in Ashland, Kentucky, United States. Not much is known about his parents, except that his mother’s name is Lisa. He grew up in a large family consisting of four children. As a child, he was interested in modeling and was also fond of cracking jokes to make people laugh. As Anthony grew up, he garnered fame through his lip-sync videos and modeling photos.

Anthony Reeves is close to his mother, Lisa, and has featured her in a few of his videos. He also has three brothers.

Not much is known about his personal life or relationships, which has given rise to speculations that he may be gay.

Facts About Anthony

Anthony manages his own career and does not have any designated manager yet. He sells his own brand of merchandise, such as phone cases, hats, and hoodies, on

His middle-part haircut, his slim frame, and his dimpled chin have become his trademarks. He is often seen wearing earrings. He is also known for his signature style of sticking out his tongue in his videos. Anthony Reeves once stated that though he is skinny and not muscular, he keeps delaying his workout schedule because it “seems like a lot of work.”

His popularity on ‘Instagram’ has made advertisers offer him money for promoting their products. He has endorsed brands such as ‘Supreme New York’ in 2018.

Anthony Reeves’ favorite coffee brand is ‘Starbucks.’ He is fond of skating. He loves listening to rappers Juice WRLD and Post Malone. He is also fond of singers Gnash and Adele. His favorite “YouTuber” is David Dobrik.