Meet Christina Maria Ruiz – Ex-Girlfriend of Marlon Brando

Christina Maria Ruiz Facts

Famous As:- Marlon Brando’s Housekeeper, Ex-Girlfriend

Children:- Myles Jonathan Brando, Ninna Priscilla Brando, Timothy Gahan Brando

Boyfriend:- Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando was not only one of greatest actors of all time but also known for leading an extraordinary and vibrant life, filled with passion and unforgettable romantic liaisons with some of the most beautiful women of his age. The epic cast of his life was not limited to men and women from the world of glamour but included people from various other sections of society. In later years, he became involved in a relationship with his one-time maid and housekeeper Christina Maria Ruiz. Lasting for about 13 years, it produced three children. It ended abruptly in 2001, which led to Ruiz suing Brando for financial support. The lawsuit was settled about a year before Brando’s death in July 2004.

Little is Known about Christina Maria Ruiz’s Background

According to a Telegraph article published in April 2002, Ruiz was 43 years old when she sued Brando after the latter ended their relationship. That means her birth year is either 1958 or 1959. She is a Guatemalan native and came to the US at some point pursuing the proverbial “American Dream”. Beyond this, her life before Brando is completely shrouded in mystery.

Christina Maria Ruiz Worked At Marlon Brando’s House

Sometime in the 1980s, Marlon Brando hired Ruiz as the maid and housekeeper at his Beverly Hills Home. Although the legendary actor garnered both fame and notoriety for his relationships with a series of women from various walks of life, he was largely a reclusive man, who preferred to spend most of his time in the house or on his French Polynesian atoll of Tetiaroa, which is a cluster of islands located about 26 miles north of Tahiti.

Christina Maria Ruiz & Marlon Brando Became Romantically Involved in 1988

It was after Ruiz spent a significant period working for Brando that the two began their relationship in 1988. She was likely 29 or 30 years old at the time, while Brando was either 63 or 64. The considerable age difference evidently did not matter. During this period, Brando was still very much active as an actor. A year later, he would receive his eighth and final Oscar nomination (Best Supporting Actor) for ‘A Dry White Season’. He had previously won the award twice, in 1955 for ‘On the Waterfront’ in Best Actor category and in 1973 for ‘The Godfather’ in the same category, though he refused the latter to show solidarity with the Native Americans on the backdrop of the Wounded Knee standoff.

Christina Ruiz & Marlon Brando Had Three Children Together

Their oldest child, a daughter whom they named Ninna Priscilla Brando, was born on May 13, 1989. Ruiz gave birth to their son, Myles Jonathan Brando, on January 16, 1992. On January 6, 1994, the erstwhile couple welcomed their second son, Timothy Gahan Brando.

Christina Ruiz & Marlon Brando Had A Messy Separation

In December 2001, Marlon Brando broke up with Christina Ruiz, unwilling to cover her expenses any longer. In April 2002, she filed a palimony lawsuit against him at the Los Angeles Supreme Court, demanding financial support for herself and their children. She said that Brando had told her that he would give her half of his estate if they ever parted ways.

“[Ruiz] devoted all aspects of her life to … Brando’s needs, the interests of their children, his personal interests and well being, to the exclusion of her own,” the lawsuit claimed.

According to her lawyer, Donald Woldman, their relationship was like a marriage in all but name. Though they never formally exchanged wedding vows, the ‘Julius Caesar’ star had gifted her an engagement ring and a wedding ring.

Brando denied the claims made by Ruiz and her lawyer, stating that their relationship was “nothing more than sexual” and mentioned that he had purchased her a $400,00 home and a Mercedes.

It also came out that she was asking for $100 million in damages, as well as a monthly sum which would help her to provide for her children, who were eight, 10, and 13 at the time.

Brando was struggling on multiple fronts in these years before his death. He was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and was fully dependant on a respirator. The suicide of his daughter Cheyenne in 1995 and the troubled life that his favourite son Christian led had deeply affected him.

Ruiz’s lawsuit definitely added to his problems. It was settled in court in April 2003, with Woldman telling the reporters that “it has been amicably resolved”. Although Ruiz was present there, she did not make any comment and kept her face covered with a scarf to prevent the paparazzi from taking her photos.

The details of the settlement were kept under wraps. Brando’s attorney, Leon F. Bennett, remarked that “It’s a private affair and it should be left private.” Brando was absent from the hearing, which was not accessible to the members of the public.

Christina Maria Ruiz Has Led A Very Private Life Since Their Settlement

It is unknown if Ruiz had any significant relationship prior to meeting Brando or after his death or has any other children besides the ones mentioned above. While her children are active on social media, she prefers to stay out of the spotlight.