He Refused To Bow Down Before The Great Dictator Adolf Hitler…The Reason? INSPIRING!

Hitler was a dictator who ruled Germany for almost a decade. Under his authoritarian rule, the Nazi Party became a force to reckon with. He instilled a deep sense of patriotism among his subjects and was also known for his hatred towardsJewish people. The Holocaust is one of the most gruesome acts of mass killings in history which was propelled by Hitler’s desire to wipe off the Jewish population in the European continent.

The following video about a man who refused to salute Hitler during a rally is truly inspiring. Once a loyal follower of Hitler, August Landmesser, had a change of heart when he fell in love with a Jewish Girl. He joined the Nazi party in 1931 and quickly rose up the ranks in the largest political faction of the country. But his views on Jews being outcast changed when he met Irma Eckler. When news of his engagement came to light, he was expelled from the Nazi Party on grounds of racial digress. The two then decided to get married but the existing laws prohibited them from entering the wedlock. In 1936, the young man in an act of defiance refused to give a Nazi salute to Hitler during the Berlin Olympic Games of 1936. The video features Irma and August’s daughter who recounts the story of their family’s struggle. Watch the emotional story here.