This Object Was Recovered From A Sunken Ship. When I Realized Its Purpose I Was ZAPPED!

The Antikythera machine is a pre-historic analog computer intended mainly for the astrological purposes as well as the field of astronomy. The machine was also associated with ancient Olympic games. The machine works as a complex clockwork mechanism and it contained at least 30 bronze gears. The remains of this magnificent device were found in 82 pieces, out of which only seven contain any gears or noteworthy engravings. The largest gear is approximately 140 mm in diameter and originally had 223 teeth. With bits of wood found on the fragments, scholars have suggested that this outstanding tool was housed in a wooden box. This device was built with extreme precision and meticulousness; unfortunately the knowledge of this device and the benefits of its utilization was lost. Technological objects approaching this splendid device’s complexity and workmanship was never to be found until the development of mechanical astronomical clocks in Europe in the fourteenth century. Considering the fact that this mechanism is from the ancient period, some of the observers find it jaw dropping while the others say that it is more valuable to them than the Mona Lisa too. It is surprising that the ancient scientist built a technology which is so complex that even after all the advancements that science had made in the 21st century we are unable to comprehend or retrieve the lost knowledge. What do you think about these unexplained ancient artifacts? We would love to hear from you, do post your thoughts in the comments section below.