All About Francis Greco, Actress Lauren Holly’s Former Husband

Francis Greco Facts

Born On:- 1968-00-00

His Age:- 56

Famous As:- Canadian Businessman, Investment Banker and the Ex-Husband of Actress Lauren Holly

Place of Birth:- Toronto, Canada

Wife/Husband/Ex:- Lauren Holly (m. 2001–2014)

Children:- Alexander Joseph Greco, George Greco, Henry Greco

Francis Greco is a Canadian businessman and investment banker, better known as the former husband of Hollywood actress Lauren Holly, famous for movies, such as ‘Dumb and Dumber,’ ‘Sabrina,’ and TV show ‘NCIS.’ Born in an influential Italian Catholic family, Greco obtained degrees in economics, accounting and finance from ‘Yale University,’ and ‘York University.’ The banker and the actress met in 1999, and got married in Canada in 2001. They adopted three sons and the family moved to Chicago to raise their children. Later, Holly resumed her film career in Los Angeles. Greco and Holly divorced in 2014, but the reason for their separation was not disclosed. The couple’s entire relationship, from their first meeting to their divorce, remained largely unknown.

Early Life & Education

Francis Greco was born in 1968, in Canada as the second child of a businessman father and a chartered accountant mother. His family is Catholic Christian with Italian ancestry. He belongs to an influential and famous Italian family, which is a part of the mafia circle in Calabria and Sicily.

In 1988, Greco joined ‘Yale University’ and graduated in 1992 with economics and political science. He earned a gold medal in economics at ‘Yale University.’ Later, he enrolled at ‘York University’ in 1994 to pursue an MBA in accounting and finance in 1995.


After finishing his education, he betook up jobs in the field of his expertise but details regarding his earlier professional work are not available.

Later, he joined as a director at ‘Sagent Advisor’ and worked for one year from 2011-2012. Then in 2013, he was appointed as the managing director at the ‘Koch Industries.’

Marriage to Lauren Holly & Family

Greco met Lauren Holly in 1999 at a gala. By that time, Holly was a well-known name in Hollywood. The two got engaged 11 months after their first date.

Greco and Holly got married on March 10, 2001, in Toronto, Canada. It was the third marriage for Holly, who is 5 years senior to Francis Greco. Earlier she was married to Danny Quinn (1991 – 1993) and then Jim Carrey (1996 – 1997).

Subsequently, Holly kept her acting career on hold, and the couple moved to New York. They wished to have a family, and both decided on adopting a child. Little before their wedding, the two had initiated adoption process. She carefully chose the biological parents of the child they were to adopt. She searched for a couple that closely resembled her and Greco.

After adopting their first son, they soon adopted a second son, and 15 months later, they adopted a third son. Their three sons, whom Holly calls as her three ‘Kings,’ were named Henry Greco, George Greco and Alexander Joseph Greco. Alexander was named after Holly’s brother, who died at 14. She devoted her time to raising their children.

Family Life & Divorce

In 2008, the family moved to Canada where Holly got her Canadian citizenship. Later, Greco shifted his work to Chicago where they decided to bring up the children in quiet atmosphere away from limelight.

Around this time, Holly decided to resume her acting career so they moved to Los Angeles. This led to differences between the couple as Greco had to travel quite frequently. The children spent most of their time on the studio sets and Greco had to be away from the family.

Their marriage began to fall apart and finally their divorce came through in 2014. The two did not disclose the news or the reason for their divorce.

Later Life

Their son Alexander Joseph is a child artist and has worked in such movies as ‘Just Go with It,’ TV movie ‘The Town Christmas Forgot,’ and others.

Holly has moved to Toronto, Canada, with her three sons and partner Jerome Ruffin.

Greco continued to work with ‘Koch Industries,’ Wichita, Kansas, the job which he held since 2013.