Ethan Fair – Lesser Known Facts About the TikTok & Instagram Star

Ethan Fair is an American singer, model, and social media personality, best known for his rising popularity on TikTok and Instagram. He started his journey on Instagram in his early teens and with time gained attention with his posts, which often include pictures with his girlfriend, Danielle Cohn, a well known singer and social media star in her own right. A gifted singer, Ethan stole the show posting singing, dancing, and comedy videos on his TikTok handle, @ethanfairrc, which eventually raised him to fame as the new TikTok sensation, particularly among young girls. Some of his TikTok videos feature singer and social media star Devenity Perkins of the ‘Perkins Sisters’ fame. He has also made his mark in modelling and was represented by ‘Zuri Models’ in his pre-teen years.

Childhood & Early Life

Ethan Fair was born on December 22, 2003, in the United States. Not much is known about his family background and parents. He lives in Los Angeles, California, and has White Caucasian ancestry. His parents have featured in many of his Instagram posts. Ethan is being homeschooled and is presently undergoing a special online course studying from home.

Modelling Pursuits & Instagram Sensation

As a kid, Ethan developed interest in modelling. Although there is little information about his initial modelling career, Ethan was later represented by ‘Zuri Models’ in his pre-teens. He began posting on Instagram when he was just thirteen years old. He posts his modelling portraits, selfies, pictures with friends and family, vacation photos, and his playful, cosy, and romantic pictures with girlfriend, Danielle Cohn, on his Instagram account, ‘ethanfairr,’ which has gained him considerable attention and fame. His popularity among youngsters, especially girls, who go gaga over his posts, is palpable from the comments on his posts. Many of such enthusiastic comments, sometimes fanatic, show how enamoured and crazy girls are about him! His ever expanding Instagram account has already accumulated hundreds and thousands of followers. He is associated with several brands, and earns much of his income through brand endorsements, advertisements, and paid content.

Singing & Rise to Fame as a TikTok Star

Ethan Fair became passionate about singing early in his life; he also wanted to learn music and play instruments. He utilised the social media well in showcasing his singing talent. His singing, dancing, and short lip-sync videos on his TikTok account, ‘@ethanfairr,’ have won millions of hearts helping Ethan gain a huge following on the video-sharing social networking site. Ethan has also been successful in tickling the funny bones of his fans and viewers through his comedy video clips; some of these became quite popular and raised his fame as a TikTok comedian. This amazing talent has earned him the badge of the ‘Crowned Muser.’ He has also collaborated with different artists for his TikTok videos. One of them is singer and social media star Devenity Perkins of the ‘Perkins Sisters’ fame. Many of Ethan Fair’s TikTok posts also feature his girlfriend, Danielle.

Ethan is also active on other social media platforms, including Twitter, ‘ethanfairr,’ and Snapchat, where he maintains the account ‘ethan_walker22.’

Family & Personal Life

Ethan started dating singer and social media star Danielle Cohn in 2019. She rose to fame through (now TikTok) and is counted among the first few social stars to cross a mark of 10 million followers on the app. Ethan and Danielle often post pictures with each other on their individual social media handles. Some sources mention that Ethan earlier dated Devenity Perkins for a couple of months in 2017, before the two called it quits for some unknown reason.

His favourite celebrities are English actor Tom Holland and American actress and singer Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman. He loves to listen to music and enjoys travelling. Greece is his dream holiday destination. His favourite cuisine is Italian.