Charm Norris – All about Australian YouTuber Who Is Member of The Norris Nuts Channel

Charm Norris Facts

Born On:- 2019-12-09

Her Age:- 3

Famous As:- YouTube Star and Member of 'The Norris Nuts' YouTube Channel

Zodiac:- sagittarius

Place of Birth:- Newcastle, Australia

Born Country:- Australia

Mother:- Brooke Norris

Father:- Justin Norris

Brothers/Sisters:- Biggy Norris, Disco Norris., Naz Norris, Sabre Norris, Sockie Norris

Charm Norris is famous as part of the popular Australian vlogging family of Justin and Brooke Norris. She regularly appears on the family’s main YouTube channel, ‘The Norris Nuts’, which is all about vlogging and features the whole family including the couple and their six children. Apart from that, they also have several other channels like ‘Norris Nuts Clips’ for behind-the-scene videos, ‘Norris Nuts Gaming’ for video gaming content, ‘Norris Nuts Do Stuff’ for challenges, gaming and other fun stuff, apart from separate channels for some of the kids.

She Is the Youngest of Six Children

Charm Norris, born on December 8, 2019, in Newcastle, Australia to Justin and Brooke Norris, is the youngest member of the Norris family. She is the sixth child of her parents and has three sisters and two brothers. The oldest sibling, Sabre Norris, was born on January 3, 2005. She was followed by sister Sockie Norris on March 13, 2007, brother Biggy Norris on January 30, 2009, another sister Naz Norris on November 8, 2010 and another brother, Disco Norris, much later on June 20, 2018. A few months ago, the family uploaded a video about a potential seventh child showing Brooke’s bulging belly, which she commented, made her look like 14-weeks-pregnant. Her children, hopeful for another baby, convinced her to go through a pregnancy test, but when it came out negative, she opined that they could always adopt another child, which was received with mixed response.

She Was Born From Frozen Eggs

Being born into the Norris family, which is very famous on YouTube for their vlogging content, Charm was famous even before she was born. Her parents and siblings have been mentioning her regularly on their various channels since before her conception and thoroughly recorded every bit of her story up until her arrival in a video titled “FINALLY MEETING The Sixth Norris Nut – Story of a Baby Girl”, which was posted a few days after she was born. Her mother Brooke had previously frozen her eggs and used IVF procedure to get pregnant with Disco over a year earlier. The couple went for the same procedure for the conception this time as well, and like before, they filmed the process on camera. However, they had a hiccup along the way as she failed to get pregnant on two attempts and only succeeded with the last stored egg. They also made a clip about naming the baby by choosing one of several pre-selected names from a hat.

Her Siblings Convinced Justin to Have another Baby

According to the vlog the Norris family posted after Charm’s birth, it was the Norris siblings who wanted to extend the family further after Disco was born through IVF. They were further encouraged by their fans who supported the idea vigorously. However, it was their father Justin that they knew would be harder to convince. They tried different plans like pestering him, begging him and gifting him new “socks and undies”. They even tried to make him feel guilty of a potential “bad choice”, which failed as well. But he eventually agreed to have another baby, which started the whole process of going through IVF and resulted in Charm’s birth.

Her Father Is an Olympic and Commonwealth Medalist Swimmer

Charm’s father, Justin Neville Norris, born on June 3, 1980 in Stockton, New South Wales, is a butterfly and individual medley swimmer who has won medals in both the Summer Olympics and the Commonwealth Games. He attended the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra on a scholarship in 1999 and was selected to represent the country at the 1999 Pan Pacific Championships in Sydney. As an underdog, he grabbed a bronze medal in 200m butterfly at his first Olympics in Sydney in 2000. He went on to earn another bronze medal at the 2001 FINA World Championships, followed by a silver medal at the 2002 World Championships. He reached a career-high in 2002, when he won triple gold medals at the Commonwealth Games in Manchester. He later opened the Justin Norris Swim Academy in Newcastle, Australia in December 2005.

Her Sister Sabre Went Viral as “Pint-size Pro”

While most know the Norris family for Justin’s Olympic feat and their family YouTube channel, Sabre Norris, the eldest child of the family, earned viral fame as a preteen thanks to her athletic skills. After she received a wildcard entry to Sydney International Women’s Surf Pro in 2016 at the age of 11, her hilarious interview with TODAY talking about her father went viral on the internet and earned her the nickname “Pint-size Pro”. She later appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show for an interview. Both a talented surfer and skateboarder, she also became the first-ever Australian female and third-ever female in history to land a 540 on a half pipe skateboarding. However, her future Olympic goals were shadowed after she was diagnosed with the condition Chiari malformation, which prevents her growth by causing her brain tissue to extend into her spinal canal.