Get to Know Stellan Skarsgård’s Daughter, Eija Skarsgård

Eija Skarsgård Facts

Born On:- 1992-02-27

Her Age:- 31

Famous As:- Swedish Model and Daughter of Actors Stellan Skarsgård and My Skarsgård

Zodiac:- pisces

Place of Birth:- Stockholm, Sweden

Height:- 1.79 m

Mother:- My Skarsgård

Father:- Stellan Skarsgård

Brothers/Sisters:- Alexander Skarsgård, Bill Skarsgård, Gustaf Skarsgård, Sam Skarsgård, Valter Skarsgård

Swedish former model and nightclub manager Eija Skarsgård is better known as the second-youngest child and the only daughter of popular actor Stellan Skarsgård and his first wife, physician My Skarsgård. Her parents had six children together, before getting divorced in 2007. Stellan then remarried and had two more sons. Being the only daughter in the Skarsgård clan, Eija had been a pampered child and mostly dominated her brothers. Four of her five biological brothers are actors, barring one, who is a doctor. Eija started modeling at the age of 14 but quit the profession at 18, after feeling stifled by the demanding field. She now manages a nightclub in Stockholm and is married to her long-time boyfriend.

Early Life: Born into a Family of Actors

Eija Skarsgård was born on February 27, 1992, in Stockholm, Sweden, to popular actor Stellan Skarsgård and his first wife, My, who is a well-known physician and counselor who deals with people struggling with addictions.

Stellan is best known for his performance as ‘Bootstrap Bill Turner’ in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean.’ He is also popular for his roles in movies such as ‘Thor’ and ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.’

Her parents divorced in 2007, ending a 32-year-old marriage. Eija is the second-youngest of the six siblings in her family and the only daughter of her parents. She has five biological brothers, Alexander, Gustaf, Sam, Bill, and Valter, of whom four are established actors, barring Sam, who is a physician. Sam practices as an ICU doctor in Stockholm. Alexander, Gustaf, Bill, and Valter began their careers as child actors, before they turned 10.

The name “Eija” originated from the Finnish word “Ainoa,” meaning “the only one.” It is apt for Eija, as she is the only daughter in the Skarsgård brood. She and her brothers grew up in an open-minded family, with constant parties and a relaxed environment.

Eija also has two half-siblings, brothers Ossian and Kolbjörn, from her father’s second marriage, to Megan Everett. Stellan had a vasectomy after fathering his eighth child.

Her Rise as a Model and a Nightclub Manager

Eija Skarsgård was expected to follow in the footsteps of her father and brothers, into acting. However, she chose to become a model instead.

At 14, she was noticed by a scouting agent from a modeling agency at the premiere of her father’s film ‘Pirates of the Caribbean.’ Eija soon received a modeling assignment and accepted it. She continued to model for the next 4 years and appeared on the covers of many top tabloids.

However, once she turned 18, Eija decided to quit modeling, surprising her fans. People initially thought her decision was driven by boredom. However, she later revealed the real reason for her decision. She claimed the constant pressure to perform and lose weight was taking its toll on her and had thus driven her to quit the profession. She also claimed she felt suffocated by the manner in which she was objectified in the modeling industry.

She now works as a business manager at a nightclub named ‘Vardagsrummet,’ located in Stureplan, Stockholm, Sweden. However, she once stated that she might go back to modeling if she ever feels like doing so.

Is Eija Skarsgård Married? 

Eija Skarsgård had been dating a man named Zeke Tastas for a while. She also kept her fans updated on the relationship by posting numerous photos of them together on ‘Instagram.’ 

Her ‘Instagram’ posts dating back to September 10, 2019, show her apparently getting married to Zeke. Many of her fans and friends have also congratulated her on her marriage on the same post. However, many tabloids still claim that she may just be engaged but not married yet.

Eija Skarsgård on Social Media

Eija Skarsgård is quite popular on social media. Her ‘Instagram’ account, “eijalo,” has gained more than 9,500 followers to date. Her ‘Facebook’ page has more than 1,800 followers.

Eija Skarsgård as a Person

Being the only girl of the Skarsgård clan, Eija has been pampered a lot. In a 2013 interview with ‘Elle,’ Alexander claimed that Eija pretty much dominated the house even when she was a child.

When she was a little over 2 years old, Eija had had an argument with one of her brothers. Since Eija could not write back then, she asked their father to write “Girls are always right” on a piece of paper. He taped the paper on the kitchen wall, and it is apparently still hanging there. 

Stellan once mentioned that Eija never wanted a sister. This proves that she completely enjoyed all the love and attention she received as the only daughter in the family.