Meet Laila Bullock, Sandra Bullock’s Adopted Daughter

Laila Bullock Facts

Born On:- 2012-00-00

Her Age:- 12

Famous As:- Daughter of Sandra Bullock

Place of Birth:- Louisiana

Born Country:- United States

Mother:- Sandra Bullock

Brothers/Sisters:- Louis Bullock

Laila Bullock is better known as American actor Sandra Bullock’s second adopted child. Bullock had previously adopted a boy named Louis. Laila was born in 2012 and was legally adopted at age 3. Sandra, however, revealed she had adopted Laila in 2015, much after the adoption process had begun. She had earlier kept her son’s adoption a secret, too. Sandra and her current boyfriend, Bryan Randall, now live happily with the two children. Sandra recently spoke about her reluctance to use the phrase “adopted children,” and prefers calling both Louis and Laila her “kids.”

Before Laila Bullock’s Adoption

Laila Bullock is the adopted daughter of popular ‘Academy Award’-winning Hollywood actor Sandra Bullock. Sandra has been known for her powerful roles in hits such as ‘Speed,’ ‘Miss Congeniality,’ ‘The Blind Side,’ and the ‘Netflix’ movie ‘Bird Box.’

In 2010, Sandra adopted her first child, now known as Louis Bardo Bullock. It is believed, Sandra had decided to adopt a child after Hurricane Katrina devastated Louisiana and Florida in 2005. Louis was born in New Orleans, a city that had faced some of the worst flooding in the country after the hurricane.

Sandra had applied for the adoption while she was still married to TV personality and entrepreneur Jesse G. James (2005 to 2010). However, she had to wait for 4 long years before the adoption was finalized and she could finally hold Louis in her arms. There is, however, conflicting information regarding Louis’s birth. Some believe Louis was born in January 2010, while others believe he was born much earlier.

Sandra managed to keep the adoption a secret till March–April, 2010, after the award season ended that year. She raised Louis alone after getting divorced in 2010.

The Story Behind Laila Bullock’s Adoption

Sandra announced that she had adopted Laila, pronounced as “Lila,” in December 2015. Laila was thus Sandra’s second adopted child. There is an interesting story behind Laila’s adoption.

It is believed, Louis had driven Sandra’s decision to adopt another child. Back in 2012, Sandra and a group of friends were apparently discussing about their daughters when Louis joked “Yeah, I don’t have daughters. But I’m going to have a baby soon!” This made Sandra consider adopting a daughter. Incidentally, Laila was born in 2012 and was adopted by Sandra at age 3.

Why Did Sandra Keep Laila’s Adoption a Secret?

Sandra first spoke about Laila Bullock’s adoption in December 2015 and posed for the cover of ‘People’ that month, along with her kids.

Even when she was asked if she had been planning to adopt another child, during an October 2015 press conference for ‘Our Brand Is Crisis,’ Sandra replied that she had not thought about it. However, apparently, Sandra and Laila had been clicked together during an emergency room visit even before the adoption process was complete. The photos had been leaked and Sandra had a tough time convincing people to not release the pictures, in order to protect herself from legal hassles.

Apparently, she had signed a confidentiality agreement that stated she would not reveal any photos of the child before the completion of the adoption process, in order to protect the child’s identity.

She later stated that there were certain clauses related to the adoption that prevented her from revealing about Laila too soon. She revealed that in adoptions, there are apprehensions that the bonding process may not happen or that the ‘Child Protective Services’ (CPS) workers might feel the parent is not a suitable match for the child. Similarly, Sandra was scared the adoption process might be hampered if Laila received a lot of media attention. This made her keep Laila’s presence a secret.

The Family Now: How Is Laila Bullock Getting Along with Louis and Bryan Randall?

Sandra claims she adopted Laila only after Louis was comfortable with her, as she did not want Louis to feel he was not enough. Laila was apparently in foster care initially. During the adoption process, when the ‘CPS’ workers visited Sandra often (to see if Laila was doing fine), Louis once asked them “You’re not going to take her away, are you?”

Sandra even had a conversation with Louis, in which she asked him if Laila was the right match for the family. Louis replied in the affirmative, adding, “Because she’s my sister.” They then went out to play.

Louis would initially be overprotective of Laila. Whenever he heard a drone or a helicopter, he would pull her across the lawn and hide her beneath the trampoline. Laila apparently developed PTSD due to this behavior.

Though both Laila and Louis were adopted before Sandra began dating photographer Bryan Randall in 2015, he is apparently turning out to be quite a father figure for both the kids.

Bryan and the children often spend time hiking and “exploring nature.” They also go out to restaurants and other public places and were once clicked visiting ‘Soho House’ in West Hollywood.

Sandra once stated that Laila’s adoption saw the inclusion of “pink and glitter” along with “Legos and Batmans” in their house. Laila was initially scared, but Sandra managed to convince her that they were not going to leave her alone.

Sandra is against the use of the phrase “adopted child” and prefers to call Louis and Laila “our kids.” She believes Laila is a “fighter” and is “unafraid.” Speaking about Laila’s future, Sandra once said, “She’s going to bring some real change.”