Brooke Monk – Dance Content Creator Who Made It Big On TikTok

Brooke Monk Facts

Born On:- 2003-01-31

Her Age:- 21

Famous As:- American Social Media Star and TikToker

Zodiac:- aquarius

Height:- 1.62 m

Born Country:- United States

Brooke Monk is an American social media star who is best recognized for her immensely popular TikTok account @brookemonk_ on which she posts relatable funny skits. She is a talented artist who often shares pictures and videos on Instagram and YouTube showcasing her makeup and painting skills. She completed her school education early and is now savoring her social media fame before finalizing which course to pursue for higher education. She is a very bold person who doesn’t shy away from expressing her views, but is also considerate towards other people’s opinions. She has her own website for selling merchandise and is represented by the agency, The Fuel Injector, for promotions and brand deals.

She Surpassed 10M Fan on TikTok within a Year

Brooke Monk joined TikTok in September 2019, and within a couple months, amassed over 370k followers on her videos. She mostly posted lip-syncs, dance videos and funny skits that were relatable to a diverse audience, which contributed to her rapidly growing popularity. In November 2019, she revealed in a Q&A that she always makes quick notes about her ideas for making TikTok videos, then finds a suitable “audio which fits the idea”, and finally tries her best to “make it relatable to a widespread audience”. A video she posted in April 2020 imitating her parents trying to interpret a meme skyrocketed her fame, garnering 4 million views. By mid-2020, she crossed 10 million fans on TikTok and currently has over 14 million fans with 948.8 million likes on her videos.

She Is Also Famous on Instagram and YouTube

While Brooke Monk quickly became famous on TikTok, she had originally started her social media journey with Instagram earlier in 2019. Her first post on the platform was dated April 26, 2019 and featured her two younger sisters. Soon, she showcased her talent at face-painting by posing for pictures with sky and ocean painted on her face. She continued to post mostly pictures on herself in various moods and dresses on Instagram and has reached 1.4 million followers on the platform. She also has 395k subscribers on YouTube, which she had joined on July 30, 2019. The very next day, she uploaded her first YouTube video, a quick back-to-school makeup tutorial. After gaining fame on TikTok, she continued to use YouTube for posting larger videos, including a Q&A uploaded in November 2019 that provided a glimpse into her upbringing.


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She Had a Sheltered Upbringing

Brooke Monk was born on January 31, 2003 in Jacksonville, Florida, United States. She is the middle child of her parents’ five children and has four sisters. She grew up with her sisters in a conservative family. Even though she was not allowed to wear full-face makeup until she was 15, she has a picture of herself trying makeup when she was only three. Clarifying confusion among her fans how she was a senior at the age of 16, she stated that she was homeschooled all her life, which allowed her to complete studies quicker without skipping grades. She also revealed that she might take a gap year before attending college because she wanted to get her priorities straight and also see where her social media fame would take her.

She Is a Devout Christian

Brooke Monk comes from a very religious family and has never shied away from expressing her religious affiliation. She mentioned she is a Christian in her YouTube bio, has a Biblical verse on her Instagram bio, and also starts her TikTok bio mentioning “Jesus forever” flanked by two heart emojis. She further refused to lip-sync a portion of a song in a TikTok video containing the word “Goddamn”. Answering fan questions, she once mentioned that her ideal partner would be one who “Loves Jesus, is always willing to have a conversation about Christianity.”

She Got Into Trouble for Pro-Trump Comment

Early on in her social media journey, Brooke Monk had made a pro-Trump comment on another person’s TikTok video which came back to haunt her later after she became very famous. While watching that video containing a room tour, she noticed a pro Trump flag and commented, “Haha Trump flag and now you got a new follower! #Trump2020.” When the comment was re-discovered in October 2020, it caused an uproar among her fans as many criticized her views. She eventually explained that due to her sheltered upbringing, she was not fully aware of the political scenario. In her apology, she said, “I made this comment three weeks after I downloaded TikTok and was very ignorant / misunderstood so many policies.”

She Is Dating Sam Dezz

In an early Q&A video just after gaining popularity on social media, Brooke Monk had told her fans that she did not have a boyfriend because she did not consider herself mature enough to be in a relationship. However, she also mentioned that she would be dating after turning 18 and even explained that she would like to date a religious Christian boy who would respect people in general and treat his mother with respect, because then he would probably treat her similarly. In the latter half of 2020, she began to appear regularly with fellow social media star Sam Dezz, sparking dating rumors. They have since then made the relationship official. She posted a vlog on YouTube of visiting Los Angeles for the first time, accompanied by him, and recently wished him on Valentine’s Day posting several pictures of them on Instagram.

She Sells Merchandise from Her Own Store

Brooke Monk has already set up an online store at to cater to the demands of her millions of fans who are eager to show their support by buying her merchandise. She announced her “authentic” brand of merchandise on her Instagram on February 10, 2020, posing wearing dresses from her collection with her elder sister Audra. She offers different collections such as “I’m Not Funny” and “Relatable Simp” which include hoodies, T-shirts, beanies, and face masks with the taglines printed on them.