He Stood Next To A Glass Sphere. Moments Later I Couldn’t Believe On Seeing What It Could Do! WHOA!

As a child everyone would have dreamed of sitting in a flying car, after seeing Harry and Ron fly in the famous movie, ‘Harry Potter’. Personally, it was the only dream I wanted to achieve. I know what you all would be dying to know if this is a reality. No, but if this concept would ever materialize, then this is exactly how it would look like. This clip displays a hovering ‘Volkswagen’ vehicle where 2 people are enjoying the ride on the roads of Beijing. Apparently, Volkswagen called their customers for innovative ideas and this genius from China came up with this idea of a hovering car which will be fueled by minerals. This idea would require a long drawn out process of work to be done such as implanting electromagnetic strips on the roads which would help the car fly due to the electromagnetic suspension. The 2 people in the car who are featured in the video are the girl’s parents who had suggested this brilliant concept to Volkswagen. As per a reliable source, they received 119,000 ideas and got 33 million hits on its website. Other theories which were among the finals were, a Music Car that would change its colors based on the driver’s musical inclinations and a Smart Key” which uses a phone to start a car. What do you think about these ideas? I can’t wait for a ‘hovering car’ to turn into a reality. Do let us know, and remember to share it with your friends.