From Social Media to Teenage Motherhood: All About Sarah Magusara

Sarah Magusara Facts

Born On:- 2001-08-22

Her Age:- 22

Famous As:- Australian TikTok Star

Zodiac:- leo

Place of Birth:- Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Born Country:- Australia

Children:- Zamira Rose

Brothers/Sisters:- Giselle Magusara

Filipino–Australian vlogger and dancer Sarah Magusara is not just a famous ‘TikTok’ star but is also a new mother who is enjoying her family life as much as her social-media life. Sarah began her stint on social media by posting her ‘Instagram’ photos and gradually moved to ‘TikTok’ (‘, where her captivating dance clips and lip-syncs mesmerized her audiences. Her sudden announcement of her pregnancy, at the tender age of 18, shocked her fans, but Sarah seems to be relishing motherhood. She is yet to get married but is in a committed relationship with her boyfriend, who fans assume is the father of her child. However, Sarah has not revealed much about her parents, which probably hints at her reluctance to divulge details about her life before social-media fame.

Early Life

Sarah Magusara was born on August 22, 2001, in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. She is of Filipino descent.

Not much is known about her academic background or family, except that she grew up with a sister.

Social-Media Fame

Sarah Magusara began her social-media career in October 2014, at the tender age of 13, by posting her photos on ‘Instagram.’ Her self-titled ‘Instagram’ account has, over the years, gained more than 944 thousand followers. She usually posts videos and photos showcasing snippets from her life, her travel experiences, and ‘Fashion Nova’ fits.

Sarah Magusara is immensely popular on ‘TikTok’ (previously ‘’), where her account, “sarahmagusara,” has earned over 9.8 million followers and more than 324 million likes. Fans love her captivating lip-syncs and dance clips. She specializes in belly dance.

She launched her self-titled ‘YouTube’ channel on January 7, 2016. It has already gained over 3 million views and more than 135 thousand subscribers.

Her ‘YouTube’ content primarily consists of travel vlogs, dance clips, and challenge videos. She has vlogged on her trips to Singapore, Paris, Greece, and Italy.

Sarah is inspired by other popular social-media stars, such as A1saud, Kevin Bojorquez, TheyLoveArii, and Jelina.

In May 2017, Ashley of the social-media duo ‘Ashley & Valentina’ created a reaction video, in which he posted his reactions to some of Sarah’s best dance clips. While reacting to her performances, Ashley once stated that Sarah is probably a lot younger than she looks. In fact, many of her fans, too, feel that Sarah looks a lot older than her actual age.

Family & Relationships

Sarah has not revealed much about her parents, though it is known that her mother’s name is Ann Abelardo Magusara. Sarah has a sister named Giselle Magusara. Sarah often posts photos with her sister on her social-media profiles.

Sarah was earlier spotted with an unknown man in her social-media posts. She shocked her fans with the news of her pregnancy with a post on May 19, 2019. The post contained a photo of hers with a man, showing off her baby bump.

In June 2019, she made an ‘Instagram’ post, stating that she had already completed 6 months of pregnancy, which meant she was going to give birth soon. She did not reveal either the baby’s gender or the name of the baby’s biological father.

@sarahmagusaraOne and only account ya’ll #foryoupage♬ You Tried It – City Girls

Later, the unknown man in her photos was identified as her boyfriend, Pieta Warbrick. In September 2019, Sarah had a daughter, whom she named Zamira Rose Warbrick. It is believed Pieta is the father of the child, though Sarah did not make a clear statement regarding it. Sarah and Pieta are not yet married.

She posted a video titled ‘OUR TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY’ on her ‘YouTube’ channel on January 6, 2020, which showed her driving her brand new car and planning what she should gift her boyfriend on their 2-year anniversary. She stated in the video that she was glad that in spite of them being so young, they had decided to raise their child together.

She shared her journey of pregnancy and her experience of being a teen mom with her fans and continues to post photos of child on her social-media profiles. One of her latest ‘TikTok’ videos shows her dancing to a catchy tune, holding her 4-month-old baby.