Jasmine Orlando – TikTok Star Who Became Famous For Her Lip-Sync Videos

Jasmine Orlando is an American TikTok star who predominantly shares conventional lip-syncing and reaction videos. She has accumulated about a million followers and around 30 million total likes. Jasmine is also very active on Instagram and Facebook. On the former, the username of her main account is ‘@shorty_bae_12’, while she goes by as Vanessa Queen on the latter. She also has a YouTube channel under the username Jasmine Orlando2 with over seven thousand subscribers and about two hundred thousand total views. Jasmine Orlando has been diagnosed with a condition called Bell’s palsy.


Early Life & Family

Jasmine Orlando was born on November 8, 2002, in the United States of America. Her real name is Vanessa. Little is known about her parents. Her younger brother shared some of his own TikTok videos on her page when she was quite new to the platform.

She has Bell’s palsy, a condition in which a patient loses the ability to control the affected facial muscles.

Jasmine Orlando on TikTok

Jasmine Orlando is one of the few original users of the short-video-sharing website who are still active on it. An incredibly famous and verified TikTok user, she mostly posts lip-syncing and reaction videos and is known for belly-dancing to popular tracks. As of early 2020, she has shared about three thousand clips.


Some of the tracks she has used on her videos are ‘Dior’ by Pop Smoke, ‘Mine’ by Bazzi, ‘Kraazy’ by Likybo, ‘In the Party’ by Flo Milli, ‘Hard’ by No Jumper (ft. Tay-K and BlocBoy JB), ‘Pitbull Terrier’ by Die Antwoord, and ‘Get Up’ by Ciara (ft. Chamillionaire). She has also used a number of her original audio clips.

Over the years, she has done duets with fellow TikTok stars like Charli D’Amelio, Troy Zarba, and Alejandro Rosario.


Jasmine Orlando on Instagram

Jasmine Orlando’s first post on her main Instagram account dates back to June 2019. Since then, she has shared about a few hundred photos and clips on the page and has garnered over 150 thousand followers. She posts selfies, photos of her merchandise, and screenshots of the front pages of her other social media accounts. She has also used her page to promote other social stars.

She has a backup account under the username ‘@shortybae2002’ with over nine thousand followers. She also has a page exclusively for spamming, ‘@shortybae12spam’, with a little over two thousand followers.


Jasmine Orlando on YouTube

Since setting up her YouTube channel in July 2019, Jasmine has shared a number of videos. In them, she exclusively talks about her personal life and things that interest her. She posted her first video, titled ‘Edit some one did for me jasmine orlando’, in August 2019. Her channel is no way near as popular as her TikTok page.

Personal Life

Jasmine Orlando came out as a bisexual to her fans in a YouTube video shared in October 2019. In the same video, she spoke about being bullied on social media and real life, especially due to her weight issues. She also mentioned that she had depression.

She was accused of saying the N-word at least twice and has been severely criticised on social media for it. She has asked her followers to forgive her by putting the “bad stuff in the past.”


Jasmine Orlando uses multiple pseudonyms on social media, including Shawty, You Can Call Me Shorty, and Shortybae.