Meet Morgana McNelis, Charlie Hunnam’s Partner

Morgana Mcnelis Facts

Born On:- 1983-07-09

Her Age:- 38

Famous As:- Jewelry Designer

Zodiac:- cancer

Place of Birth:- Georgia, United States

Height:- 1.77 m

Wife/Husband/Ex:- Charlie Hunnam (2007–)

Brothers/Sisters:- Marina Milori

American jewelry designer Morgana McNelis is better known as English actor Charlie Hunnam’s long-time partner. Morgana and Charlie have been dating since 2005, and though there have been repeated rumors of them being engaged or married, the couple has denied all such rumors. Morgana started learning jewelry designing at 20 and her jewelry brand, ‘Maison de Morgana,’ specializes in handcrafted jewelry. The media-shy Morgana loves traveling and reading. Her brand is present on various social-media platforms.

Early Life: Morgana’s Rise as a Jewelry Designer

Morgana McNelis was born on July 9, 1983, in Georgia, United States. She grew up with her sister, Marina Milori.

She first developed an interest in jewelry making when she was 20. She joined a jewelry-making class and studied lost-wax metal casting. She then apprenticed under a goldsmith and eventually studied art, fashion, and business.

In 2007, Morgana started a fine jewelry store with her sister. However, the economic recession at the time led them to heavy losses. The business eventually shut down.

In 2012, Morgana launched her own jewelry line, ‘Maison de Morgana.’ Eventually, celebrities such as Winona Ryder, Zac Efron, and Maggie Siff became fans of her products.

Her brand specializes in handcrafted jewelry, with elements of the neo-gothic, avant-garde, and romantic ages.

Over time, her jewelry was featured by magazines such as ‘Accessories,’ ‘US Weekly,’ ‘Red Book,’ and ‘British GQ.’

In July 2013, Morgan McNelis launched a new collection titled ‘BC Armor.’ The proceeds from its sale were donated to the ‘Boot Campaign,’ which helped war veterans and their families.

Her Other Pursuits

Morgana McNelis has also appeared on screen, in the shorts ‘187: The McKenna Murders’ (as ‘Laura’, 2011) and ‘Acting 101’ (as a bartender, 2014). She has also produced the former. She has also worked as a costume assistant in the 2011 horror film ‘Isolation.’ Morgana has also appeared on ‘Entertainment Tonight.’

Meeting Charlie Hunnam

Morgana McNelis met English actor Charlie Hunnam in 2005. It is not known how they exactly met, though it is possible that they were introduced by some common friend from the entertainment industry. Morgana was already a well-known jewelry designer with reputed Hollywood clients back then. She had also designed the jewelry of some of the cast members of the Charlie-starrer ‘Sons of Anarchy.’

The media started highlighting their relationship from 2014. In 2017, Charlie sported a ring, which sparked rumors they were engaged. However, Charlie later clarified that Morgana had made the ring for him, and that it was not an engagement or a wedding ring.

However, some reports stated that the two got engaged on March 9, 2016. Earlier, in 2015, rumors suggested Morgana was pregnant, after she was clicked covering her stomach while shopping. However, it turned out to be a baseless rumor.

In 2016, Morgana McNelis was attacked online by Charlie’s fans. Charlie then posted a video and wrote to his fans asking them to stop attacking Morgana, describing her as an “intelligent, beautiful, kind person.”

When asked about the secret behind their long-lasting relationship, Charlie once revealed that he often tries to surprise Morgana by getting her flowers and making sure their house is clean when she reaches home.

He also stated that they use sex as part of their workout schedule and make love as often as they can, adding that they were “very active animals.”

In 2018, while working on the film ‘Triple Frontier,’ Charlie was clicked spending time at a beach with an unknown woman. However, before the rumor mills could catch up, an insider stated that she was just a co-star and a good friend of Charlie’s.

When asked what made him most happy, Charlie once stated, “Sundays at home with my girlfriend.” Once, while Charlie was shooting in Colombia, the couple promised to write each other a letter each day. However, due to technical issues, his letters had not reached Morgana. To make up for this, Charlie bought some pretty emeralds for her and also treated Morgana and her friends to homecooked meals and wine.

Are Charlie and Morgana McNelis Getting Married?

In the fall of 2019, Charlie stated that his relationship with Morgana was getting stronger by the day.

In an interview with Andy Cohen on ‘SiriusXM’ radio in January 2020, Charlie stated that he and Morgana have contrasting views on marriage. He added, “She’s very eager,” and “I’ll do it because it’s important to her but I don’t have any great romantic feelings towards it.” He agreed to being “indifferent” to the idea of marrying her.

However, he later apologized for hurting Morgana with such comments, admitting that he had meant that he did not like the “official government sanctioning” part of marriage but was completely in sync with the romantic part of it.

Charlie was previously married to actor Katharine Towne. They had met on the sets of ‘Dawson’s Creek.’ The couple got married in 1999 but divorced in 2002. He later described the marriage as “three terrible, painful, expensive years.”

Morgana on Social Media

Her brand’s ‘Instagram’ profile has earned more than 27 thousand followers. The brand is on ‘Twitter’ since January 2012 and has more than 4 thousand followers. There is an unverified account bearing her name on ‘Instagram,’ which has gained more than 7 thousand followers. ‘Maison de Morgana’ is also on ‘Facebook.’