Tessa Bear—Everything You Need To Know About The TikTok Star

Toireasa McGuire Facts

Born On:- 2000-08-04

Her Age:- 23

Famous As:- One of the Most Popular TikTok Stars in the UK

Zodiac:- leo

Place of Birth:- Northampton, England

Height:- 1.57 m

Tessa Bear is a young TikTok star from London, England who has 5.7 million followers on the platform. She has taken dance lessons from a very young age and is often seen displaying her skills in her videos that she shares on her social media channels. Although she started off by sharing dance-videos, she gradually included pranks, comic acting, make-up, and talking about herself to reach a wider audience. Today, Tessa is one of the most popular TikTok stars in the United Kingdom.


Childhood & Early Life

Tessa Bear’s real name is Toireasa McGuire, and she uses the shortened version as she feels it is easier to say. She was born in Northampton town of England on 4 August 2000. Her dad is Scottish and her mum is English and she has a sister Mary McGuire. She is quite close to her family and has been seen featuring them in many of her videos.

She is a trained dancer and has been dancing since she was three-years-old. She is quite expressive and tends to use different kinds of genres.


Her favourite animal is a wolf and she has been having pets since her childhood. She has had dogs and also a bird as pets while growing up. She has Huskies named Mishka and Bhaloo. Mishka features in a lot of her Instagram posts, YouTube videos and is a very expressive dog. The bonding that Tessa has with Mishka is adorable and also attracts a lot of followers who are pet-lovers towards her social media.

She is also very fond of stuffed toys and has several ones of her own, including a pug named Doug, a unicorn named Rupertina and her favourite being a huge life-size teddy bear called Melvin, who she refers to, as her ‘baby’.

Social Media Star

Tessa Bear has her own website tessabear.com, which is a simple artfully constructed site that easily navigates on to all her different socials, her merchandise shopify platform, and also provides links for business enquires, where brands and individuals can approach her for collaborations, meet and greets and even recording short messages for birthdays and other special occasions.

The social media handle that Tessa had started off with was Mumma Bear. Given her love for bears, it is definitely not surprising. However, she changed it to Tessa Bear and Tessa McGuire as she started connecting with her audience on a more personal level. In a very short span of time, Tessa has accumulated a massive following, with several fan pages dedicated to her. Her clan calls themselves the ‘BearFam’ and uses this as a hashtag on their posts.

@tessa.bearPOV: my new “friends” tell me the guy I like wants to talk , when I go in the room the guy I said no to is there instead, and he’s not alone.♬ suono originale – borkaxel

She has close to 6 million followers on her TikTok ‘@tessa.bear,’ and she is a crowned star on the platform having a verified account. She has earned more than 600 million likes on her videos. Her quick rise on this social channel is all thanks to her amazing dancing skills and her lively personality. Her charm makes it easy for millennials to identify with her and there are so many young girls who want to dress-up and look like she does. After getting a hang of the TikTok app, she started experimenting with funny moves, taking part in challenges and collaborating with other popular TikTok users. Her posts are very interactive, engaging and don’t feel repetitive, unlike a lot of other users who portray the same expression in most of their videos. No wonder her popularity is soaring with new fans getting added everyday.

On her YouTube channel ‘Tessa McGuire’, that has more than 50,000 subscribers, she regularly shares snippets of her life, some make-up tutorials, prank videos of quirky things that she cooks up with her family members, vlogs, videos of opening gifts from her fans, and some give-away surprises. Her posts have raked up-to 300k likes and numerous positive comments, showering love and affection on the teenage diva.


Tessa Bear has an Instagram account by the name ‘@tessa.mcguire’, and has 318k followers with over 600 posts. She shares tons of stories, to keep engaged with her fan-base throughout the day. Her Insta posts are mostly self-portraits, some showing off her goofy side, while others are prim, proper and pretty. Naturally, Mishka features in a lot of these pictures.

Tessa also has a Twitter account by the name ‘thetessamcguire’ and a Snapchat by the name ‘tessa.mcguire’.


Merchandise Range

Tessa Bear has her own range of merchandise It includes a range of bum bags, hats, pop-sockets, back-packs, pencil cases, wristbands, teddy bears, and joggers, t-shirts & hoodies for children and adults.

These are customised products bearing her logo, name or the #bearfam prints on them; available in attractive colours like cranberry, pink, mint, red, magenta, cornflower, lavender and the regular black and grey melange as well. Many of her fans are seen wearing her collection and posting about it on their social media handles.


Personal Life

She is very close friends with fellow TikTok star 18-year-old Oliver Moy, and has done multiple videos with him. Their fans adore their chemistry and consider them to be #couplegoals so much so that they share collages and video montages with the #toliver all over social media, although both Tessa and Oliver maintain their status as best-friends.

In a recent vlog shared by Tessa Bear on her YouTube channel, she traveled 5000 miles to go meet Oliver, and you can see the raw emotions on their faces when they hug each other. No wonder their supporters want them to ‘officially’ be girlfriend and boyfriend already!