Gekyume Onfroy – Things To Know About XXXTentaction’s Son

Gekyume Onfroy Facts

Born On:- 2019-01-26

His Age:- 5

Famous As:- XXXTentacion's Son

Zodiac:- aquarius

Place of Birth:- Florida, United States

Born Country:- United States

Mother:- Jenesis Sanchez

Father:- XXXTentacion

Seven months after the brutal murder of controversial rapper XXXTentaction, his family welcomed his son Gekyume Onfroy into the world. The slain musician’s mother Cleopatra Bernard, and his girlfriend, Jenesis Sanchez, told the press that child was born on January 26, 2019, three days after what would have been his late father’s 21st birthday. The newborn garnered significant media attention and has since remained under the spotlight. This is because of XXXTentaction, who was hailed as one of the most promising stars of the music industry when he was alive.

Gekyume Onfroy’s Father Became Famous Both For His Music and Legal Issues

XXXTentaction, whose real name was Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, was one of the pioneers of using SoundCloud to promote his music and played a pivotal role in popularising SoundCloud rap and emo rap in the mid-late 2010s.

Known for utilizing styles and techniques that were far from typical in hip-hop, for instance, distortion, he made “depressing, and at times devastating” music that delved deep into the inner-workings of various mental health issues. Despite his short career, the impact he had on hip-hop will be felt for years to come, wrote Christopher Weingarten of Rolling Stone.

“The provocative and polarizing artist seemed to thrive on controversy as much as art, often blurring the lines between shocking reality and button-pushing creativity,” Billboard commented on his legacy. “XXX’s short career was characterized by both in equal measure-making the Florida rapper a martyr to a legion of fans and a cautionary tale to so many others.”

According to The Guardian, the late rapper’s legal issues, which included charges like domestic violence (against his first girlfriend Geneva Ayala), gun possession, assault, and robbery, are part of his legacy as well. During his lifetime, he gained notoriety for his lifestyle and frequent run-ins with the law. He was arrested multiple times, and in 2013, a Snapchat video made rounds on social media that showed the young rapper brutalising a woman.

“[H]e will be remembered mostly for the unusually cruel violence he committed on vulnerable people, particularly his ex-girlfriend, crimes for which he never expressed remorse,” the British newspaper said in their article.

XXTentaction Was Murdered During a Mugging Incident

XXXTentaction was born and had spent most of his life in Florida. In the afternoon of June 18, 2018, he was on his way out from the Riva Motorsports motorcycle dealership in Deerfield Beach, Florida, when his car was approached by two armed men. In the ensuing struggle, XXXTentaction was shot multiple times and a small Louis Vuitton bag with $50,000 inside was stolen. He was later pronounced dead at the nearby Broward Health North hospital.

Three days after his death, his mother took to Instagram to reveal that the late rapper’s girlfriend was pregnant with their child. Sharing a sonogram, she wrote that her son had “left us a final gift.”

Gekyume Onfroy’s Mother’s Identity Was Not Known For a Long Time

On 22 August, Bernard posted a photo of the pregnant belly of the Jahseh’s yet-to-be-named girlfriend. “It’s a boy”, she announced in the caption, adding a baby emoji. “Baby X”, she finished.

Shortly before Gekyume’s birth, Bernard revealed that Jenesis Sanchez was the expecting mother. She and XXXTentaction had been seeing each other since January 2018.

The baby’s birth was announced by Bernard and Sanchez in a joint statement, which was later published by the People magazine. The younger woman underwent an emergency caesarean section at West Boca Medical Center.

The happy news was also shared on XXXTentaction’s Instagram account.

XXXTentaction Was Told About The Pregnancy Before His Death

In February 2019, Sanchez revealed during an interview with Local 10 News that Jahseh was told that he was going to be a father a few weeks before his untimely demise. They even conversed about how they wanted the baby to be born. However, things evidently did not turn out the way they hoped.

“The original plan was to have a home birth, but it didn’t really work out,” she explained. “At this point, we’re at 26 hours in labor. And they were, like, ‘I’m sorry. We’re going to have to do an emergency C-section.'”

Although Jahseh was not there to support her any longer, she had his mother as well as her own.

“We had a doctor on standby,” she told Local 10 News. “He rushed right over and he told me, ‘Jenesis, we gotta go.’ We had all kinds of help. I had Cleo and my mom and a whole entourage. We had seven cars pull up to the hospital. People probably thought we were insane.”

Gekyume Onfroy Was Named By His Father

In their statement released after the child’s birth, Bernard and Sanchez mentioned that the boy’s name was selected by his father.

“Gekyume’s name is derived from a word X created prior to his passing, which means ‘a different state’ or ‘next’ universe of thought,” the two women elaborated. “XXXTentacion specifically chose this name for his first born son; his family is honored to fulfill his wish and shower baby Gekyume with love.”

In his family, the child is simply known as Yume.

Sanchez also revealed that Jahseh picked out another name in case it was a girl. “It was Xiorra. With that, he took a couple of letters from different characters from his favorite video game, ‘Kingdom Hearts,’ and he just mashed it all together,” she said to Local News 10.

Gekyume Onfroy Was Not Included In His Father’s Will

As XXXTentaction’s will was drafted before the pregnancy, his son was not mentioned in it. Instead, his estate was entirely inherited by his mother and his brother Aiden.

Sanchez Plans To Tell Gekyume Everything About His Father

In that candid interview with Local News 10, Sanchez said that she did not believe the stories from XXXTentaction’s troubled past but promised that she would not lie to her son about his father.

“I’m going to tell him about all the fond memories I have with his dad, Jahseh. I’m going to tell him how much his dad would have loved him. I know sometimes, probably when he gets older, it will affect him more than now when he is younger, but he’s definitely going to know about his father,” she stated.